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Case notes

We publish our case notes as a resource for people interested in how the Banking Ombudsman might approach a particular type of complaint. While we don’t operate on a strict precedent system like the courts, we have developed a consistent approach to some common types of complaint.

Some older case notes have been omitted from this collection, either because the relevant law or banking practice has changed, or because they are outdated in some other way.

Please note participant banking service providers and their customers are referred to anonymously in the case notes, and detail may be amended or omitted to ensure confidentiality.


Case - 8670

2004 - 2005

Insurance - Life insurance

Case - 8490

2004 - 2005

Lending - Credit card lending

Case - 7253

2004 - 2005

Cards - Credit card

Case - 8532

2004 - 2005

Bank accounts - Transactional account